3rd Wheel has lots of groups you can join.  Pick one or start your own.  You may decide to form new friendships with women who share the same interests or hobbies that you do, or you may decide to really expand your horizons and learn something new.  Whatever your comfort level, each month there will be new and exciting things for you to do.  You can push your boundaries or just sit back and enjoy the familiar.

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Going Out

Feel like catching a movie?  Having a drink? Going Shopping?  Trying that new restaurant that got such great revues?  With 3rd Wheel you can just log on, mention where or what you'd like to do, grab a friend and go.  No more waiting for something to happen; 3rd Wheel lets you MAKE it happen.  You can make a friend for a night or a lifetime by just clicking a button.   No more couple envy-stop wishing and start enjoying your life!

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Join 3rd Wheel Friends is a website designed to bring women form all walks of life together to have fun!  Tired of being the of (wo)man out when your married friends socialize?  Bored with sitting home and watching the same shows?  Wondering  what happened to your life- because this isn't how you thought it would turn out?  This site is for you!  Don't wait- join today, it's free, it's fun and you might just start a whole new chapter in your life!

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MESSAGE FROM THE FOUNDER: is a site specifically designed to bring woman together to forge new friendships, create new relationships and HAVE FUN!  I created this site out of necessity.  I have many friends that I've made over the years but most are now married or have significant others with whom they spend the bulk of their time.  I understand and respect those relationships and was always grateful when they invited me to tag along on their outings, but sometimes being the 3rd wheel got a little old.   And, if I had something that I really wanted to do, oftentimes my friends were busy or had to check with their partner.  I wound up stating home more that I liked but on the flip side, going out alone had no allure for me either.  Maybe I watch too much TV, but I'm not a fan of being alone at the movies or a bar and eating alone in a restaurant is jus plain depressing.   That left staying home and frankly, there's only so much reality TV I can watch or so much Netflix binging I can do.   I searched for a site that allowed me to make new friends but found that unless I was an alcoholic, depressed, wanted to do more business, or single and looking to hook up, there weren't many groups available for me to join.  Heck, there were even sites if I was married and looking to hook-up, but nothing to just find a friends.   I wasn't looking to "Match" or "Eharmonize", I just wanted someone to share and evening with once in a while.   Necessity being the mother of invention, I found  On 3rdWheel we have outdoor activities like hiking, golfing, or paint-ball; indoor activities like museum outings, theater/movies, are of needlepoint classes; and everything in between.

So I invite you to join me.  Sign up and step up to new adventures, new horizons, new friendships and let's start doing  instead of just being.  I know I have a lot of life left in me and I intend to enjoy it so I'm taking a leap and going on an adventure - want to come?  Join now!



Our mission is to introduce women to each other that live in the same geographic area, have similar interests and want to explore all that life has to offer.  want and adrenaline rush - you can find a friend and go skydiving or bungie jumping.  Want to get creative - you can find someone to take an art or pottery class with you.   Like to read - you can find ladies to form a book club.  Want to hit the clubs but hate to go stag - find someone to paint the town red with you!